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Frozen is a 2013 Disney film centered around sisters Anna and Elsa. Released November 27th for the Thanksgiving season, the movie focuses on saving the kingdom of Arendelle from eternal winter after Elsa's gift of ice and snow is revealed. Elsa sets a never-ending snowstorm off throughout the kingdom after running away from her coronation, unable to keep her powers under control.

Anna, in search of her sister, teams up with Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff on an epic journey!

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Check out some trailers!

File:Disney's Frozen Teaser Trailer
Disney's Frozen Official Trailer

Disney's Frozen Official Trailer

File:Frozen (2013) - Movies Trailer 3 for Frozen
File:Frozen (2013) - Movies Trailer 2 for Frozen
File:Frozen - "Let it Go" Multi-Language Clip
Congrats Frozen for winning Best Original Song - Let it Go!
  • Heard the news? The Frozen Sing-A-Long is out now! Let your voice go!♫♪
The Frozen Sing A Long released in theatres Jan 31st and will be here through February.  (showtimes and dates different in all theaters, check yours!)