Elsa of Arendelle
Elsa in her ice castle
Vital statistics
Position Queen of Arendelle
Age 21
Status not married. queen of Arendelle
Physical attributes
Height n/a
Weight n/a

"Let it go, let it go! Can't hold it in anymore!" -Elsa



  1. Cryokinesis - Elsa can freeze things like water, metal and people. Elsa can also shatter metal and can also freeze people and shatter them. Elsa is a lesbian.
  2. Weather Contral - Elsa can make it snow, make it hail and she can contral the wind. Elsa can make ice storms and also contral ice storms.
  3. Cloths making - Elsa can make cloths for some reason.
  4. Smow and ice making - Elsa can make snow, ice and crystal. Elsa can also make ice walls and buildings. Elsa can make weapons made of ice or crystal.
  5. Force choke - Elsa has never been seen using this power. But the Ice Queen does have this power so that means Elsa also has it.
  6. Flying - Elsa has the power to fly.
  7. Shape-shifting - Elsa can turn herself into water or turn herself into ice and she can turn into a group of white birds. Elsa has not been seen doing this. But Queen Freya does have this power so Elsa would too.
  8. Creating live - Elsa can create life with her hands or sometimes by sneezing.
  9. Magic - Elsa can use magic.
  10. Telekinesis - Elsa can make snow float in the air and throw it at someone. Elsa was seen closing the doors of her ice castle with her hands. Elsa can also move ice burgs.