Welcome to the editing tips and rules page.  This page is filled with editing assistance and guidelines.  I, as a somewhat new wiki user, cannot provide coding or other highly technical assistance, but, however, this assistance can be found on the official Wikia Community Website.

Rules to Editing

  • Do not Vandalize! Vandalism consists of: adding opinionated, inappropriate, or off-topic items to articles.  Removing a large amount of text in an article is also considered vandalism.  Please do not add these kind of things to our articles, as they make them look unprofessional
    Example of opinion or off topic vandalism

    Example of vandalism.

    and messy.  Save your opinions for your profile, thank you!
  • Use proper English when adding text to articles, including grammar, puncuation, and spelling. Lack of appropriate English makes our articles look poorly written and sloppy.  Since there are plenty of Frozen fans that originally spoke another language but still speak English and are just inexpierenced, we understand, which is why you can still contribute by sending your ideas to the admin by posting on my (admin) message wall.  On the other hand, if you can speak (or in this case, type) English well and are just being lazy online, please use your knowledge of good English to your best thought when editing or simply don't write into our articles.  No offense everyone, but it's hard to read pages (especially when monitoring them) when they don't make any sense. 
  • Do not make pages if they are already made. Duplicated pages make the wiki confusing and somewhat annoying.  Before making new pages, please search if they are already there.  If a page is simply poorly written just improve it, don't make an entirely new one!
  • Do not ask to be an admin. I don't know people editing this wiki, and I cannot just give anyone adminship permissions.  If I feel you would make a good admin I will make you one.
  • Remember! Remember that disobeying these rules will result in banning permanently without exception.

Editing Help

What helps to edit pages is to keep them organized and to not overwhelm yourself.

Work on a page at a time, overview for any mistakes, and put in what is necessary that is missing. 

Preferrably, write character articles like this:

{Beginning with Infobox of character}

{Middle with story}

{End with sources and trivia (non-obvious trivia please!)}

As for other articles, leave those to the admin.  Other articles, like music ones, may be written differently.  You may still improve them for mistakes and missing material but please do not write them!